Memory Foam Mattresses!

In the UK, we are accustomed to wildly varying weather patterns, from freezing winters to hot, humid summers. This provides a difficulty in selecting a proper bed; hot, warm beds are great for the winter, but can cause real problems during the summer months. On hot nights, one can easily lose sleep to warm, humid mattresses.

What is a picky customer to do? For excellent sleep throughout the year, choose a memory foam mattress in 2017. These mattresses possess the unique ability to maintain an even temperature year round. Its open cell structure allows it to breathe without overheating, and while foam is an excellent insulator and can provide for a nice warm bed during the winter months, our open cell, high quality foam allows air to flow through the mattress and ensure even temperatures throughout.

In the winter, we tend to recommend a high quality memory foam mattress coupled with a duvet with a high tog rating for maximum warmth. This ensures even, warm temperatures for the coldest of UK winter nights.

In the summer, we recommend that our customers use our patented Coolmax cover, provided free of charge to all of our clients. This cover wicks moisture away from the body, and creates an additional evaporative cooling effect. Coupled with our high density mattresses, you will enjoy a superior sleeping experience, with excellent support and comfort without overheating during hot summer nights.

Suffer from allergies? The UK’s harsh winters and hot summers tend to aggravate allergies for many people. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers; they are naturally dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic, and they will allow you to sleep in comfort, knowing that your allergies will be kept at bay.

For an excellent good night’s sleep in any season, your best choice is a memory foam mattress. From its ability to maintain even temperatures in both hot and cold weather to its benefits to allergy sufferers, it virtually guarantees the best sleep you’ve ever had. Sweet dreams!


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